people at a pop connect mixed networking meeting
people at a pop connect mixed networking meeting

"POP Connect offers a fresh and very authentic way to network, less formal than many other networking businesses but with a strong structure allowing members and visitors to have their chance to speak and be heard. Moreover, anyone joining POP Connect becomes part of a very unique and incredibly supportive networking community that really will help your business flourish."


Katherine Pop is founder & owner of POP Connect

Katherine has an entrepreneurial spirit and has had a few other businesses. It was through networking for these that she saw a gap in the market for networking groups that are very friendly, fun and relaxed yet structured offering members a real opportunity to make more connections in a safe and supportive environment. With a very busy Facebook group for all members there are numerous opportunities to seek help, support and advice on every part of your business with other members who understand your challenges and help celebrate your successes. 

Originally POP Connect only offered all women groups but now the majority of our groups are mixed, welcoming men and women who are running their own small business, self- employed or working for a local business.

After a quick introductory round at the start of each meeting, there is a ten minute presentation from a member followed by each member or guest having 70 seconds to promote their business to the larger group. There is then a second ten minute presentation followed by a round concentrating on connections/recommenations or referrals for other attendees. All members have the opportunity to give a 10 minute presentation annually. There is a buffet lunch at the end of the meeting when attendees can mingle and chat. Uniquely, POP Connect also offers double membership to anyone wishing to promote more than one business or two strands of a business.  

Our network has grown rapidly thanks to the supportive and collaborative nature of every group and POP as a whole – Currently halfway through 2020 we have 24 groups, in three counties and more than 280 members. The majority of groups provide mixed networking for men and women and we do also have some all women groups including the founding group in Dunmow. All groups are for people of all ages who are running their own businesses, self-employed or working for a local business. Visitors may attend twice without or before joining as long as the space is still available.



katherine phillips founder of POP networking

“My background has been varied; after my degree I started off my career by managing a residential home for the elderly back in the late 80s. I moved on to event and conference organising, facilitating international scientific conferences and then set up a magazine company back in 2005 which is still continuing.”

“I also had a business working as a massage therapist working with young people with special needs, such as autism, learning disabilities and challenging behaviour for 25 years.”

“I live in Great Dunmow, Essex with my two daughters and 3 dogs. I am passionate about supporting small business owners, creating a wide supportive community that dispels the loneliness of working alone, making members feel they have a team of support behind them as well as huge capacity to collaborate.”

“I’ve been absolutely delighted with the growth of POP Connect, the lovely testimonials from our members, seeing friendships build and the community growing and making a real difference to the working lives of our members.”

“I look forward to expanding further.”